-------Let us change your trucks
Shipping of our products is done by the least expensive method
available.  Frame swap kits are usually cheapest to ship via UPS
Ground in the United States and Canada.

Smaller, but heavy parts, will normally ship via USPS Flat Rate
boxes to take advantage of the fixed rate.  If it would cost $45.00
to ship in a regular box and it will fit into a Flat Rate box the price
is only a little over $15.00 !!
A personal note from the owner of ADE regarding the men and
women serving our country in the military.  

I know first hand how hard it can be to get products from CONUS
companies when they will only ship UPS.  Most Status of Forces
Agreements (SOFA) require any shipping other than USPS to go
through the foreign national postal system or UPS.  This means
you get hit with import fees and taxes.    

If you are stationed overseas, I will personally make sure to try any
possible method to get you our products, whether you are active
duty, Reserves, National Guard or Retired.

I've been in your shoes.  US Army, 8 years active duty + USMC
JROTC, 3 years;  Brother, USAF 20 years retired; Brother, USN 13
years, disabled; Cousin, USAF 20 years retired; Nephew, US Army,
Active Duty.  Duty stations including Germany, Persian Gulf,
Korea, Okinawa, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Iraq, etc.
US Military Overseas Shipping
I drove this car in Germany
for two years before selling
it there.
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