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Blazer Big Brake Swap
The correct 2wd 98+  S10 Blazer hubs should be purchased off Ebay as it's the
only place with reasonable prices.  The BCA part# is 513200. 4wd hubs do not
interchange!  The hub diameter where the hub slides into the knuckle is 3.62" on
the 4wd and the 2wd 98+ S10 Blazer is 3.50".
This swap will net you larger diameter, and thicker, front brake rotors.  This
means more 'swept area' and increased heat sink capability.  You can find this
swap on ebay from
S10Warehouse for about $250-$300+-.  If you want to
assemble it yourself follow the interchange below.  This swap is found as a
complete unit on 2wd 1998+ S10 Blazers (not trucks!)

See my install

You'll need:
(Similar to a 4wd design with bolt on hubs) You can also order Belltech part# 2102
for a 2" drop

1998+ S10 Blazer or GMC Jimmy 2WD (not on trucks!)

Link to
PDF instructions for Belltech 2" drop spindle
Rotors and Shields:
2wd 98+ S10 Blazer/Jimmy
4wd S10/S15/Sonoma
Dual piston calipers and Brackets:
2wd 98+ S10 Blazer/Jimmy
4wd S10/S15/Sonoma
ZQ8 or fake it with real parts?
I say fake it with real parts.  As soon as you tell some auto
recyclers that you need parts off a sport suspension truck you
should feel your wallet starting to catch fire!  Knowing the right
interchange of parts will help you (and your wallet) keep cool.  
FYI Get all the hardware with anything you remove at the
wrecking yard.
ZQ8 Front Sway Bar:
33mm ~ 1.3 inches ~ 1-5/16" +/-
GM Part# 15981886
Look for it on 2wd Blazers
This thing is MASSIVE compared to my
stock 1985 2wd S10 truck sway bar!!
ZQ8 Rear Sway Bar:
23mm ~ .91 inches ~ 7/8" +/-
GM Part# 15957475
Look for it on
4-door Blazers.
Do NOT get it off a 2-door Blazer.  These mount to the front of the
rear axle and don't interchange onto the truck.  The 4-door Blazer
mounts to the rear of the axle.  You'll need end links and brackets
from a ZQ8 truck but you can get those cheap from GM.  

Stabilizer Bar End Link with rubber bushings  Part # 15989670   2 each
Link Upper Mount Bracket (Right)   Part # 15989672   1 each
Link Upper Mount Bracket (Left)   Part # 15989671   1 each
Steering Box 12.7:1 Quick Ratio:
Box code is "UY"
Part # Coming Soon
Lower Control Arms:
These use larger steering stops. I don't
know of any other difference.