Customer Rides
Star H.  '55.1 Chevy
Newman, CA, USa
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This will be one of the quickest builds of any of our customers.  The
truck is a graduation present with a 6-month build time starting
January 30, 2007.
For the record: A.D.E. does not do installs.
This install was done  in twelve hours.  
Start time 08:00 a.m.
Time Check:  10:00 a.m.
2 Hours
Cab Installed !!
When installing the bed cross members you'll
need to simulate the thickness of the wood
bed floor.  Bed wood is a nominal 3/4" thick.  
We normally use 3/4" thick plastic spacers but
you can also just stack washers.
We installed the bed crossmembers to the bed, with the spacers.
When trimming the rear frame
rails on 82-83 S10 frames you'll
need to completely remove the
stock spare tire crossmember.   
We suggest using a later model
spare tire crossmember
mounted further forward to clear
the back of the bed.
Before installing the bed, we
swapped in the 4x4 rear axle
We installed the bed...
...and then the running boards.
The truck and frame are now
completely disassembled and
the frame is soon to go out for
powder coating.
Time Check:  8:00 p.m.
12 Hours
As the sun set and brain cells
began to fade we loaded up the
truck for the ride home.
On the front cab mounts, the frame is
boxed, so we used self tapping bolts and
will run short weld beads along the edges
after the install is done.