Customer Rides
JOHN K.  '53 gmc
hanover twp, pa, USa
53 GMC 1.5 ton
93 S10 standard cab short box
79 Chevy 305 & turbo 350  early 60's ram horn exhaust manifolds
recycled S10 wiring harness
front wheels and tires 21575R14 14 x 6 wheels rear 26550R15 15 x 12 racing rocket wheels
using stock 2WD S10 rear  
68 C10 steering column and wheel
modified S10 lower steering shaft stock 68 upper shaft
97 Dodge Dakota buckets with center seat/console
85 full-size truck brake pedal and booster
b&m floor shifter with custom arm and handle
88 full-size 2WD trans crossmember trimmed to tuck up into the frame
Here are some spec's on John's truck.
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