Customer Rides
Larry E.
'49 Chevy
Kansas, USA
Evan R.
'53 Chevy
Texas, USA
Jared B.
'51 Chevy
New Jersey, USA
Send photos you've got of your truck project and they'll be posted
here.  Rights are reserved to edit for size and content since some of
you are real jokers.  These are only the projects that I've gotten
photos of.  Only a small percentage of what's out there on our kits.
Dale T.
'53 Chevy Suburban
Washington, USA
Charlie D.
'52 Chevy
California, USA
Dayne C.
'53 GMC
New Jersey, USA
Dayne sold his Mercedes to build this truck!
Pete K.
'48 GMC
Florida, USA
With those big M/T's on the back,
I wonder if this one is going racing??
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Bill E.
'49 Chevy
Ohio, USA
Star H.
'55.1 Chevy
California, USA
Robert H.
55.1 GMC Suburban
California, USA
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Annika H.
51/54 Chevy/GMC Suburban
California, USA

Yep, this truck is now a Suburban!!
Chird B.
'54 Chevy
Arkansas, USA
TIM C.  
'53 Chevy Panel Truck
California, USA
John K. III
'53 GMC Truck
Pennsylvania, USA
Russ H.
'48 Chevy Truck
Iowa, USA