• The front frame half is completely different on the 4WD.  Stock S10 frame holes
    are different, requiring new reference points for mounting of our cab stands.  
    Shown is a 2.8l V6 and 4WD trans with transfer case attached.  A new transmission
    crossmember would have to be constructed.  The frame also angles out a few
    degrees requiring minor modifications to the front cab mount washers on the cab
    floor.  When running a V8, the transfer case will sit directly above the torsion bar
    crossmember.  A "clocking ring" will be required to rotate the transfer case to a
    horizontal plane.  Any good 4WD shop should be able to tell you if this is available
    for your transmission.  Without the clocking ring the downward angle of the
    transfer case will force you to raise the engine quite high and cause all sorts of
    interference issues.
  • Rear track width works fine.  The front will require a slightly
    larger backspace measurement on the front wheels.
A few notes to keep in mind regarding the use of an 4WD S10 frame under your AD truck.

  • No billet wheel spacers are required although you may still use them depending on your wheel
    of choice.  

  • ADE does not build 4WD trucks normally but the S10 is a tried and true platform with many off-
    road upgrades available in the aftermarket.  We would not be a good source for questions
    regarding what is the largest tire size that will work, is the transfer case strong enough for a V8,
    etc, etc.  You'll need to consult off road specialists for these questions.

  • You may need to adjust the position of the engine/trans package so the transfer case output
    clears the torsion bar crossmember.  This may require minor modifications to the firewall or
    floor.  This will require a clocking ring.
4WD S10 Frame
  • The front frame horns are also completely different.
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We no longer sell kits specifically for the 4wd S10 frames!